1 teaspoons (UK) of ground kernels is approximately equal to five or six kernels - the maximum per hour. Kernels should not be swallowed whole. They should be chewed, or ground. To obtain a consistency like ground almonds use a nut mill or general purpose grinder. Ground kernels can be sprinkled on food or in fruit juice. They taste bitter - it is the bitterness that is the amygdalin/vitamin B17 so try stirred in apple juice.
FOR PREVENTION: have one serving in the morning and one in the evening.
FOR THOSE WHO HAVE CANCER When eating the kernels, it is a good idea to gradually increase the number of kernels eaten, starting with a few and increasing slowly. If the kernels are working effectively they will release toxins through the excretory organs of the body, including the skin - it is therefore helpful to have a good fluid intake (remember to drink a lot of water!). 

It is important to emphasise that it is a good idea to have some food in the stomach when eating large amounts of kernels. It is also a good idea to eat fruits containing nitrilosides such as apricots (fresh or dried), peaches, plums, nectarines, apples, pears, cherries. There is something in the flesh of the fruit which will neutralise the minute traces of beta-glucosidase present in the saliva, the stomach and the intestines, which is what may cause some people to feel a bit nauseous. Some people find eating the kernels cures constipation! If this creates a problem the other way - this usually settles down soon.
SUMMARY: aim to eat 1 teaspoons of ground kernels (e.g. stirred into juice), or 5-6 whole (chewed) kernels, up to a maximum of six to ten times in a day, with at least one hour in between each serving, but remember to build up gradually.

Some people have successfully treated themselves just by eating apricot kernels. However, especially if the cancer has metastasised (spread), it is advisable to consider taking a more concentrated form of vitamin B17 along with supplements and a changed diet, to maximise the attack against the cancer.